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In the mid-1970's, a man by the name of Carey A. Reams, a Doctor of Science, became known to the public because of the excellent results people with life threatening health issues were experiencing in his health retreats. Not only were people attending these health retreats coming back home with restored health and a renewed hope to live long and purposeful lives without the concern of health issues hanging over them, the far greater majority of people experiencing these same results were doing so in the comfort of their daily lives without having to travel anywhere far away. 


3 of the 4 books listed above provide 1st hand testimonies written by people who suffered from ill health & recovered after following the RBTI. One, Salem Kirban (Health guide For Survival), was an investigative journalist who learned the power of the RBTI program while investigating the Blue Ridge Mountain Retreat in Georgia. The 4th book, Choose Life or Death, was written by Dr. Reams himself. They are listed so you may look to independent sources of information as you search for better health. Testimonies of men, women, and parents of children are listed to the right and here.


Dr. Reams has since passed on to his eternal rewards and happiness but his RBTI continues to be available to people who believe that God's way is the best way to a healthy and purposeful life! And with the advent of the internet, individualized RBTI Consulting is easier than ever to obtain. And for you who desire to learn the art and science of RBTI to help yourself and others, I offer step by step instruction packages that include lifetime consulting for the buyer and which will lead you to being able to become an RBTI Consultant           . 


The links listed above the pictures of the books and in the left margin will take you to the stated services and products while the links to the right offer valuable information about the RBTI science.


For a no cost, no obligation initial telephone consult of how my RBTI services could help you, please contact me using the contact information below.


Michael Sigurd Olszta

RBTI Consultant / Instructor

Mon-Th: 1:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M. (E.T.)

20 Warsaw Avenue

Manchester, NH 03103, USA

Home Office: 603 / 622 - 4701

Michael Cell: 603 / 930 - 1683



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